4 Simple Tips for Restaurant Social Media Marketing

Tips for Restaurant Social Media Marketing

Tips to help restaurants successfully post on Social Media

We all have that one friend on social media who posts a ton of selfies. Gym selfies. Bathroom selfies. Duck-face selfies. So. Many. Selfies.

And while a cute selfie may get a lot of attention, too much ego is never a good thing. As friends, we may even unfollow Ms. Selfie Queen. After all, who wants to see all that self-promotion day in and day out?

When we write social media marketing content for our businesses, we must remember the concept of the annoying selfie friend: Bragging too much about ourselves is never flattering!

It may seem counter-intuitive to think we can actually sell more by selling ourselves less, so in order to understand the concept a little better, consider the art of the soft sell: The soft sell is not about getting someone to buy something from us on the first try; instead, the soft sell is about planting a seed in the minds of our customers.

Social media networks offer restaurant marketers the opportunity not only to introduce little seeds of brand awareness but also to cultivate customer relationships and grow brand recognition and trust over time. The key is consistency, and of course, staying away from too much self-promotion.

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Four Easy-to-Follow Tips for Restaurant Social Media Marketing

It takes some practice to change the way you approach social media marketing, but the following four tips will help you with the soft sell on Restaurant Social Media Marketing:

  1. Don’t try to sell at all on social media. Instead, try to add value to people’s lives

    Social media was created for the purpose of networking and socializing, and customers today crave a social connection with the brands they love. Connect with your customers by sharing a popular menu item or an event that’s happening at your restaurant in the near future. Build positive PR by thanking your customers and your employees often on social media. Don’t try to sell anyone anything—just let them know what your restaurant has to offer and how that offering can enhance their lives.

  2. Let your food/service do the talking

    They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, so let your food photos be the focus. Of course, you should say a little something about the meal you’re showing off, but remember not to use aggressive sales language when doing so. Try not to stage every food/drink photo, otherwise, your customers will feel like you’re selling it too much.

  3. Provide information, entertain and engage

    People love inspiring and entertaining posts on social media. Try sharing a little history on your neighborhood, a fun fact about the restaurant industry, or even educate customers about where your produce and meats come from. Find out which of your posts your audience responds to the best, and create similar content for them to enjoy!

  4. Give and take

    The importance of giving and take on social media cannot be overstated. If you want people to engage with your brand online, you must show that you are willing to engage with them, too. Share content from other restaurants and bars in the neighborhood, and repost some of the photos your customers share your food and drink. If you have regulars who follow you on social media, go to their social media pages and see what they do. If there’s a way to follow, like and share their business pages, then make every effort to do so. They will appreciate your support!

Remember, restaurant social media marketing is all about the soft sell. Don’t be the in-your-face Selfie Queen of your customers’ newsfeeds! Instead, make people feel good about themselves and they will feel good about doing business with your restaurant.