Five Great Reasons Why Restaurant Digital Marketing is Important

Restaurant Digital Marketing is Important

Restaurant Digital Marketing is Important–Here’s Why:

There’s no doubt the restaurant business is an ever-changing industry.

Owners, managers, and chefs are expected to constantly find new ways to win over customers in an increasingly digital world.

With the growing popularity of sites like Yelp and Foursquare, the “customer is always right” mantra takes on an entirely new meaning.

Thanks to the digital world we live in, customers permanently plaster their opinions on the Internet for all to see.

When every diner’s restaurant experience can reach a worldwide audience in seconds, it’s time to realize things have changed. Today, restaurant professionals who don’t understand restaurant marketing is important get left behind by their competitors.

Restaurants should not only embrace digital marketing to remain relevant and increase profits, but also to cultivate a loyal relationship with their customers.

Here are five great reasons why restaurant digital marketing is important:

1- Digital marketing adds value to your business

You most likely know how to WOW your guests with creative menu items and top-notch service. But do you know what it takes to impress them online? If not, you should. Studies show 88% of people who look up a restaurant online take action the same day and visit a restaurant. A mouth-watering Instagram photo or a helpful reservation tip on Facebook helps you stand out among the many choices people have when dining out.

2- Digital marketing is a crowd-pleaser

Would you be surprised to learn consumers of all ages prefer to communicate with businesses via e-mail rather than any other communication channel? According to a report from Bluecore, even the majority of people over 65 prefer to receive promotional e-mail vs. a text or a phone call from a brand. Besides favoring e-mail marketing, the masses are also wild about sharing their lives on social media.

Facebook remains the most popular online social network, with 1.8 billion monthly active users. Instagram boasts more than 500 million monthly active users. Twitter follows at more than 313 million. In today’s age, people aren’t just using social media to update their statuses, but also to guide their decision-making as consumers. Without a digital presence, your restaurant misses out on an incredible opportunity to engage with and influence hungry patrons. This is why restaurant digital marketing is important!

3- Digital marketing is effective

In one study by Exact Target, 69% of consumers say they have made a purchase as a result of an e-mail marketing message. You can personalize your digital marketing presence across e-mail and social media channels, allowing you to reach new customers, reward returning customers and reconnect with former customers.

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4- Digital marketing is convenient

As a restaurant owner, you wear so many hats. You often work as a host, busser, HR rep, inventory taker and a customer service specialist all at the same time. You might wonder where other restaurateurs find the time to promote their restaurants. The answer is many of them are turning to digital marketing. A number of digital marketing tasks can be automated, meaning social media posts and emails can be scheduled to go out automatically. With an efficient digital marketing strategy in place, the few minutes you find time to sit down at your desk can be so much more productive.

5- Digital marketing builds customer loyalty

In one market intelligence report, 80% of customers surveyed say they would sign up if their favorite restaurant offered a loyalty scheme (Technomic). Keeping a customer costs 3-10 times less than acquiring a new one, so why not save some money and cultivate your loyalty program with digital marketing? You’ll get more referrals, keep more of your best regulars and earn a better reputation from the positive online reviews your loyalty program encourages.

No matter how you’ve approached restaurant marketing in the past, you can’t deny digital marketing has an influence on where people choose to eat and drink. Restaurants must take advantage of email lists, loyalty programs, and social media. These digital marketing channels have an undeniable impact on where customers end up sitting down for dinner.

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