Use the Best Restaurant Social Media Marketing Strategies to Upsell Your Restaurant Social Media Presence

best restaurant social media marketing strategies

The best restaurant social media marketing strategies to help you get your restaurant on the right track

In the food service industry, upselling is as common as the phrase “Do you want fries with that?”

From quick service restaurants to fine dining establishments, upselling is an effective strategy. When implemented correctly, upselling also enhances the customer experience.

But what happens if the restaurant staff doesn’t upsell?

When restaurants don’t take advantage of every opportunity to promote their offerings to customers, they lose sales.

In order to understand the effect of bad marketing, restaurant managers don’t have to look farther than the common daily specials promotion

Creating the specials is a straightforward process.

The chef decides on the specials, then the manager goes over them in pre-shift. The hostess mentions the specials to guests as they seat them, and finally, the server “pitches” the special plates before bringing the drinks to the table. Easy, right?

But what happens if the hostess forgets to point them out? Or the server is in the weeds when he takes the order, and doesn’t even mention the specials?

In these situations, the specials don’t sell as well as they do when they are properly promoted. It isn’t that they’re unaffordable or undesirable. The guest is simply not made aware the specials exist.

When it comes to the best restaurant social media marketing strategies, we can learn a lot from the daily special and upselling routines.

Take your Guest Engagement Beyond the Dining Room: Request a Demo

If your restaurant isn’t offering customers any content on social media, there’s a good chance you’re losing sales opportunities.

Whether your goal is to build loyalty among your repeat customers or to get the attention of new diners, the best social media marketing strategies will help you get your restaurant on the right track:

1- First, create your plan & designate who’s in charge

Perhaps you tried social media marketing before and failed. Or maybe you’ve put it off as long as possible in hopes it would be a passing trend.

By now, you probably realize social media marketing is important and it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future. If your goal is to reach the thousands of potential customers actively scanning social media for places to dine out, then you have to create a social media marketing plan and stick to it.

Social media marketing cannot be an afterthought—there has to be a specific person in charge, and he or she has to plan content to post every week.

2- Next, choose the right social networks to promote your restaurant online

The best restaurant social media marketing strategies don’t involve posting on every single social network that exists.

According to, Facebook is still the #1 platform for promoting your business on social media. More than 75% of adults in the U.S. were Facebook users in 2015.

If you have good quality photos of your food and drinks, then Instagram is also an ideal platform for digital marketing. Remember, customers love to see what’s happening behind the scenes. Show the backstage processes whenever possible.

3- Always provide content that is valuable to your potential customers

You might be surprised to learn that restaurants with a successful social media presence still struggle with deciding what to post and when.

If you have trouble coming up with good ideas, try highlighting a favorite dish or seasonal item. Give a shout out to an employee, or simply re-post a great photo or review from one of your fans!

4- Finally, don’t forget your employees are your brand ambassadors

If you think of social media marketing as a battle for potential customers, then your employees are like the soldiers on the front lines. Whatever restaurant reputation you cultivate on social media, the employees who interact with your customers face-to-face will make or break the brand name.

Get your staff involved in social media promotions by making them aware of what’s happening on your social media accounts, encouraging them to like the pages and asking them to mention social media to guests.

The National Restaurant Association estimates there are more than a million restaurants in the U.S. With more customers turning to social media to narrow down their choices, it’s imperative that your restaurant make the best restaurant social media marketing strategies a priority in 2017!