Restaurant Marketing Automation: 9 Benefits for Restaurant Owners


Restaurant Marketing Automation

How can Restaurant Marketing Automation Benefit your Business?

“I wish I didn’t have all this free time on my hands,” said no restaurant owner ever.

Long hours, late nights and busy weekends all come with the territory of owning a restaurant. With so much on their plates (no pun intended), restaurant owners should adopt restaurant marketing automation to eliminate inefficiencies.

In a recent study, 74% of marketers said the biggest advantage of marketing automation is saving time (Vbout).

What is Restaurant Marketing Automation?

Restaurant automated marketing is the use of software applications to program tasks such as finding new prospective customers, managing campaigns, gathering and storing customer data and driving repeat guest visits.

According to Nuclear Research, 95% of companies report at least some benefit from marketing automation (

In an industry notorious for chaotic working conditions and tough demands, restaurant marketing automation frees up valuable resources. With the time and money saved, restaurant owners can focus on what really matters—the guest experience.

The Benefits of Restaurant Marketing Automation

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  1. Save time—In a chaotic industry, restaurateurs can’t afford to designate too much time to digital marketing. Marketing automation provides the ability to schedule messages in advance, instantly measure performance and segment contact lists.
  2. Save money—Automated marketing solutions are affordable and allow owners to lower the labor cost of repetitive tasks.
  3. Build a more accurate customer profile—Automated guest satisfaction surveys and email campaigns result in a greater volume of guest feedback. With more guest data, owners can better determine what their guests want most out of their dining experience.
  4. Make a personal connection with each guest—Marketing automation allows owners to customize marketing messages to fit each audience. Valuable customer data tells restaurateurs what specific guests want to see. Furthermore, promotional messages can be tailored towards guests’ interests.
  5. Keep guests coming back more often—Automated newsletters, personalized promo offers and triggered emails are great ways for owners to nurture positive relationships with their regular customers. Automation also helps persuade less frequent guests to visit more often.
  6. Maintain consistency across multiple marketing channels—Marketing automation lets restaurateurs compose and schedule messages for email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more, eliminating the need to manually post on each of those channels several times each week.
  7. Detailed reporting—Automated marketing provides real-time evaluation of email campaigns and social media campaign effectiveness, so owners know which marketing messages to refine.
  8. Increase ROI from marketing efforts—Email is one of the most powerful marketing tools for business. It’s also one of the easiest to automate. A 2014 study showed for every $1 spent on email marketing, companies saw an average return of more than $44 (
  9. Strengthen brand recognition—When guests see a restaurant’s name and logo in their inboxes, on social media, and in Google results, brand recognition grows and the restaurant stays top-of-mind.

Marketing automation from Restaurant Hot Spot can benefit your business. If you are a restaurant owner who wants to ease the pressure of the daily grind, contact us  today!