Which Social Media Networks Should Your Restaurant Use? [Infographic]

Four of the Best Social Media Networks for Restaurant Marketing

Anyone who has been around the industry knows the following truth: Restaurants operate on thin margins.

As a cost-effective business solution, social media marketing definitely makes sense for budget-strapped bars and restaurants.

However, with all the social media platforms that exist (and new networks popping up all the time), we understand social media can get overwhelming for restaurant owners.

The good news is, restaurants don’t need to maintain a presence on every social media channel out there!

Our Picks for the Best Social Media Networks for Restaurant Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, and Twitter are four of the most beneficial social networks for restaurant marketing. Using one or all of these four platforms correctly will help your business grow.

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The infographic below is packed with free restaurant social media marketing tips for using the best social media networks for restaurant marketing!