In this white paper the tips and reminders provided will help you stay on track as you get comfortable sending marketing emails to your subscribers.
This white paper explains how to measure your email marketing success, and includes a helpful glossary of terms for new restaurant marketers.
In Part 3 of our Beginner’s Guide to Restaurant Email Marketing, we discuss subject lines, email testing and exactly what to do when you send your first marketing email.
Inside, we explain how to choose the best email marketing provider, plus how to import your contact list and design your first email!
In the first white paper in our Beginner’s Guide to Restaurant Email Marketing, we introduce the tremendous value of email marketing, who should use it and how to set goals for your email campaigns.
The numbers don’t lie: Email marketing offers a huge opportunity for restaurant owners to grow their business and build better relationships with their guests. In this white paper, we discuss six common problems for restaurant email marketers, plus how to solve them.
You have probably experienced the effect a bad manager can have on a restaurant team. To help you keep bad managers out of your restaurant, read about the unique qualities all great restaurant managers should have.
Yelp has a lot of influence over where our guests choose to sit down and eat. In this white paper we discuss how to claim your business page on Yelp, the most important information to include on your business profile, and how to respond to negative reviews, and more!
Restaurant marketing success depends greatly on the collection of customer data. Guest data allows personalized email and social marketing messages to reach the right customers at the right time. Learn how and when to collect guest info in this white paper.
An empty seat is arguably the most expensive item in any restaurant. This white paper names 5 types of emails every restaurant should be sending to boost cover counts.
Whether your goal is to build loyalty or get the attention of new diners, the proven social media marketing strategies in this white paper will help you get your restaurant on the right track.
Marketing your restaurant should be a priority. Luckily, there’s a marketing strategy that actually saves you time (and labor). If you’re among the 94% of restaurant operators without a marketing plan, then this white paper is for you.
Is your restaurant social media marketing a little overwhelming at times? With our free marketing tips provided in this white paper and a little practice, you can use social media marketing to enjoy better guest engagement and higher cover counts.
Highlights from this white paper include: how to make guests feel special without discounting anything extra, tips for running a restaurant social media promotion, and how to target non-sports fans during sports season.
Want to learn how to promote your restaurant on Facebook? Download our free infographic and find out: how often you should post on Facebook, which guest comments you need to respond to, and why posts with images get more than double the engagement.
Ever wondered what a hashtag is really worth? Our free infographic explains what to use as your restaurant Instagram profile photo, how often to post on Instagram, and how specific hashtags can help customers find your restaurant.
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