WiFi Marketing: The Future of the Restaurant Industry

Wifi Marketing for Restaurants

Promote your Restaurant and Communicate with your Guest on a whole New Level

Have you ever logged onto a free public Wi-Fi network and been asked to enter your email address or phone number before connecting to the Internet?  This is the idea behind Wi-Fi marketing. It’s a simple and painless way for businesses to collect customer data for marketing purposes.

Wi-Fi marketing is surprisingly easy to integrate into your existing restaurant marketing strategy.

How Wi-Fi Marketing Helps Restaurants

Before there was Wi-Fi marketing technology, restaurants used manual methods of collecting and entering customer information.

Paper forms, business cards, and website sign-ups are all examples of traditional data collection methods. However, manual data collection methods have many flaws.

For example, consumers find paper forms tedious, inconvenient, and generally not worth their time. Furthermore, paper forms and business cards often get lost or thrown away. While web sign-up forms are more convenient, customers often associate them with spam email, so sign-up rates are generally low.

Each of these customer data collection tactics negatively affects both the business and the consumer. Businesses fail to connect with clients using manual methods, and customers miss important news, coupons and other incentives from the restaurant.

Luckily, there is a better way for businesses in customer service industries to gather consumer data. It’s called Wi-Fi marketing.

Deliver A Better Customer Experience In the Dining Room and Beyond

Due to its increasing demand, there is a universal expectation for restaurants, bars, and cafes to offer free guest Wi-Fi.

Customers, especially younger generations, look for  Wi-Fi when deciding where to dine out. Businesses that fail to provide it put themselves at an immediate disadvantage.

Besides making customers happy and attracting younger diners, Wi-Fi marketing gives restaurant owners an additional incentive for providing free guest Wi-Fi: An ever-growing marketing list!

Wi-Fi marketing lets you send customized, highly targeted messages to consumers that precisely suit your business goals. It also gives you unique insight about your customers, such as the locations they frequent, their birthday and more.

You can use the information you gather to create marketing strategies that encourage customers to return to your business.

Get Wi-Fi Marketing For Your Restaurant

With Wi-Fi marketing, data collection is quick, unobtrusive, and requires less effort on both ends than most manual methods.

WiFi marketing is an up-to-date and convenient form of gathering customer information and receiving feedback and engagement. It allows for targeted marketing, a personalized connection, and an increased opportunity for vital customer feedback.

In short, Wi-Fi marketing turns your Internet connection into a valuable and irreplaceable marketing asset.

Though it’s a relatively new technology in the U.S., many companies already provide Wi-Fi marketing to the hospitality industry.

A simple online search can help you select the best program for your business. At Restaurant Hot Spot, we even offer a risk-free 60-day trial, so you have the ability to see the fast return of Wi-Fi marketing firsthand without any long-term commitment.

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